Kitzan Sheep & JHK Sheep   - Prime SAMM's & Suffolks
(South African Meat Merino's )
Welcome to Kitzan Sheep
and JHK Sheep

We believe in the future of the sheep industry.

We believe that our livestock should produce efficiently
off the land rather than depending on feed sources other
than forage.

We believe that a truly productive animal has an equation
of length X depth X width.

Our animals are extremely tough, living in the dry
western climate where they are pastured all summer in
am open range with no shade. Our breeding stock is
chosen on performance, both wool and growth.

We welcome your inquires and questions.


Dwight & Gwendolyn Kitzan and Joshua & Heather Kitzan

Dwight & Gwendolyn Kitzan                            Joshua & Heather Kitzan
18293 Sheep Corner Road                                    18075 Mail Road                            
Nisland, SD 57762                                             Nisland, SD 57762
605-257-2105 Kitzan Sheep Home       605-430-2857 JHK Sheep Home
605-430-1593 Dwight's Cell                             605-430-3560 Joshua's Cell

E Mail: shepherd@
Stock needs to adapted to the land they are designed to exploit.  
Where this types of stock. And there is a greater variety of soil,
climate, and systems of husbandry then there are breeds of sheep.

Allan Fraser Sheep Production , 1947